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The purpose and intent of the Vehicle for Hire service is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Hillsborough County through the regulation of vehicles for hire, including taxicabs, limousines, handicabs, vans and wreckers.

Important Notice:
We are currently renewing and issuing original Public Vehicle Driver Licenses (PVDL). We are also renewing and issuing original Certificates and Vehicle Permits for Limousines, Public Transportation Vans, and Handicabs.   

We will not be able to issue any Certificates or Vehicle Permits for Standard or Luxury Taxicabs or Wreckers until we receive final direction from the BOCC.  

The BOCC has provided a 90-day extension on all credentials for persons who are completely operating vehicles for hire in the county.  This extension is valid through December 31st. 


Taxicabs are any motor-driven vehicle for hire, equipped with a taximeter, with a capacity for 9 or less passengers, including the driver.

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Taxicab Driver

Vehicle Requirements


Handicabs are a vehicle designed, constructed, reconstructed, or operated for the transportation of a person with non-emergency conditions where no medical assistance is needed or anticipated; or for a person who is unable to comfortably use standard means of transportation; or a person who cannot enter, occupy, or exit a vehicle without extensive assistance; or where specialized equipment is used for a wheelchair or stretcher service; and where the driver serves as both a driver and attendant to assist the customer.

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Vehicle Requirements:

All handicabs equipped for wheelchair transportation must

  • Have a lift or ramp, operated manually, electrically and/or hydraulically, with sufficient capacity to safety and smoothly assist in the entrance and exit of passengers
  • Have, for each passenger transported, 2 positive means of securely latching or locking the wheelchair to the vehicle
  • Have, for each passenger transported, restraining belts or straps to securely confine passengers to wheelchairs in which they are transported
  • Entry and exit doors must be equipped with secure latching devices
  • Must have a minimum of 56 inches of headroom from the floor to the ceiling
  • Floor covering must be one seamless piece, and side panels and covering must be sealed and bordered with rustproof, corrosion-resistant cove moldings

All handicabs equipped for stretcher transportation must:

  • Have a crash stable side or center mounting style, quick-release litter fastener
  • Must have 2 types of strap type restraining devices per stretcher cot and litter
  • Must have a smooth floor with minimal voids or pockets
  • Must have clean blankets, linen, or disposable sheets for each patient
  • Must have airtight storage compartments for soiled linen
  • Must have 2 attendants who have valid Public Vehicle Driver Licenses

All handicab drivers must have completed a certified standard first aid course, state certified standard CPR training course, and a defensive driving course. Drivers must maintain these required certifications and must provide evidence of such when renewing their license.

Click here to see a full list of vehicle requirements.


Vans are any moto-driven vehicle for hire with a capacity of 10-15 passengers, including the driver for the transportation of passengers

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Vehicle Requirements


Limousines are any chauffer-driven motor vehicle not equipped with a taximeter that is for the exclusive use of the passenger, with seating for no more than 15 passengers, including the driver. The pickup is on a prearranged basis and the route and destination is controlled by the passenger.

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Vehicle Requirements

Wreckers (Pending Ordinance)

Information coming soon pending passing of ordinance