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About Us

Florida Tax Collectors are independent constitutional officers elected every four years in the Presidential election year.

The Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office collects and distributes local property, business and tourist development taxes. We also collect motor vehicle, vessel, and mobile home fees, conduct road tests and issue registrations, titles, driver licenses and certified copies of FL birth certificates. The dollars we collect help support schools, parks, roads, libraries, waterways, and transit systems.

The Hillsborough County Tax Collector adopted the Sterling Management System in 2004 and has made significant improvements over the past few years. In 2008, we were recognized as a Governor’s Sterling Award recipient; and in 2011, we received the Sterling Sustained Excellence Award. We were the first Tax Collector in the state of Florida and the first government agency in Hillsborough County to receive the Governor’s Sterling and Sustained Excellence Awards. Now, we’ve taken our continuous improvement efforts to the national level by striving for the Malcolm Baldrige Award.