Public Awareness Program Information

Our Impact In The Community

The Tax Collector public awareness programs are designed to assist and support organizations in marketing and promoting initiatives which have a positive impact on our community and customers. The programs also serve as an invaluable tool used to create a connection between government and the community it serves. Our office selects and executes events/programs that are focused on improving our community, promoting public awareness, and are aligned with our business practices. We offer several marketing programs as described below.

Programs Offered

Campaign TypeDescription
Promotional Office CampaignPromotional campaigns typically run for 30 days or less. The effectiveness of your campaign will have a direct bearing on fundraising/selling initiatives. The programs can include various marketing materials which are displayed in our branches, and incentives may be used as means of promoting your product or service. Some programs may include a special event to kick-off the campaign at select branch locations.
Voluntary Contribution CampaignVoluntary Contribution Campaigns follow the same guidelines as promotional office campaigns. However, these types of campaigns are primarily a fundraiser. Funds are collected through a motor vehicle or driver license transaction.
Marketing InsertsUpon our approval, an organization may submit a request to include a marketing insert with the motor vehicle registration renewal notices. This is a prime advertising opportunity, as renewal notices are mailed to approximately 75,000 individuals on a monthly basis.
Charitable CampaignHillsborough County Tax Collector's office supports & participates in charitable events. We advocate community involvement, goodwill and social responsibility at all levels of our organization. Charitable organizations may submit a request to conduct a fundraiser. However due to the number of philanthropic organizations that solicit our support, internal guidelines and selection criteria have been implemented.

Application for a Promotion Campaign

The Tax Collector reserves the right to approve or deny a promotion based on established internal selection criteria and guidelines.

  • Please describe the nature of your organization.
  • Please describe your organization's mission, vision and values.
  • Please describe your desired goal or expected outcome from the promotion?
  • Please describe how and where the proceeds from this promotion will be directed. Locally, regionally, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.