Driver License

Out-of-State CDL Transfer

To be issued an original license in Florida, you must appear in person at a driver license office. You will need to surrender your current license. If you have lost that license or it is expired, you can still go to the office and we will access a database that allows us to make sure your driving privilege is valid in all 50 states.
Current law requires customers to present proof of legal name, lawful presence, social security number and two forms of residential address. If your name has been changed by marriage, divorce or court order, you must provide proof of any and all name changes. Presenting the primary identification will establish material compliance with REAL ID.

You are required to pass a vision exam having 20/40 in each eye. A Department of Transportation (DOT) medical exam certification is required. The medical certification must be carried while operating a commercial motor vehicle, and is valid for two years.

The issuance of a CDL license is prohibited to anyone who is not a Florida resident, does not provide a Florida residential address or proof of their social security number.

The Patriot Act requires a federal security check and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) requires a fingerprint-based background check for drivers applying for a Hazmat endorsement.

If you are transferring a commercial driver license with a Hazmat endorsement, you will have to visit one of our Hazmat capable offices.
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