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Hillsborough County Tax Collector Doug Belden contracts for radar scan for graves

Tampa, FL — December 10, 2019

TAMPA, FL – (December 10, 2019) –Doug Belden, Tax Collector, decides to take a pro-active approach and contracts with ground penetrating radar (GPR) specialists to conduct a thorough scan of East Tampa Tax Collector’s Office. At the November 6, 2019 Hillsborough County BOCC meeting, a public presentation suggested the possibility of unmarked graves on properties within Hillsborough County. One of the sites identified during the presentation was the southern border of the Tax Collector’s office located at 2814 E. Hillsborough Ave.

GeoView, headquartered in Pinellas County, conducted a comprehensive GPR scan seeking to identify any underground irregularities consistent with that of a grave. Upon review of the final determination report that I received today, there are no underground structures or anomalies that reflect any graves buried on the site. “Allocating the time and resources to conduct a thorough investigation into potential graves on the property was an easy decision. It was just the right thing to do, and I’m happy that we are able to provide closure as it relates to this particular property.” said Belden.

The property located at 2814 E. Hillsborough Ave. is owned by the State of Florida and is leased to the Tax Collector’s Office. HCTC and the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) have a shared office space on site. Mr. Belden has reached out to DHSMV representatives to request they share the cost associated with the GPR scans of the site.