TAMPA, Fla. — The fight against mandatory vaccines or vaccine passports continues in Florida, with the State House approving a bill that would ban the practice.

It comes less than a week after Palm Beach County Tax Collector Anne Gannon told her employees they would need to be vaccinate or risk being terminated.

Gannon told the Palm Beach Post, “I have a responsibility to protect my employees and the public.”

Questions surrounding mandatory or forced vaccines for COVID-19 continue to swirl nationwide, where legalities around a patient’s right to choose and HIPAA are prominent arguments.

Governor Ron DeSantis supports the bill, but will have to wait for Florida’s Senate to vote on the House bill before he signs it into law.

In Hillsborough County, Tax Collector Nancy Millan says she will not force her employees to be vaccinated, but she is recommending it.

“My goal is to ensure that the Tax Collector’s Office is doing our part to mitigate COVID-19 through measures recommended by the CDC and Department of Health including social distancing, wearing masks, and by offering flexibility to allow our employees every opportunity to get vaccinated,” Millan said in a statement to Spectrum Bay News 9.

The vaccine passport bill doesn’t just include a ban on passports, but it also gives the Governor authority to override COVID restrictions in place from local governments the state feels are “unnecessarily restrictive to individual rights or liberties.”

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