The entire team at HCTC is thinking of Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy Santos and Corporal Brito as they recover from injuries sustained in the line of duty. We consider them part of the Tax Collector family as they also serve as off-duty officers at our branch offices, where they protect our team and customers. We join with the entire community in wishing them a speedy recovery. If you’d like to donate to aid in their recovery, please visit this link.

Vehicle for Hire

Vehicle for Hire Rates

Taxicabs shall charge no more than the following for metered rates:

  • Three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50), for the first mile or portion thereof
  • Two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50), for each additional mile or portion thereof
  • Forty cents ($.40) for each minute of waiting time
  • A fifteen dollar ($15.00) minimum applies when the passenger(s) departs Tampa International Airport. The actual taximeter rate shall be the total rate once the taximeter exceeds the fifteen dollars ($15.00) minimum.

Taxicabs have the option of charging either the metered rate as established above or a flat rate, as specified below, but only for trips originating within or arriving to the in-town short ride zone, which is comprised of the downtown Tampa area, with boundaries designated by the Agency. Flat rates may only be charged as set forth below:

  • For trips originating in and ending in this zone with a single passenger, a maximum flat rate of four dollars ($4.00).
  • For trips originating in and ending in this zone with two or more passengers, regardless of route taken or delays en route, a maximum flat rate of four dollars ($4.00) per person for each passenger over the age of twelve (12) years of age, with a maximum of twelve dollars ($12.00), regardless of number of passengers
  • A flat rate not to exceed thirty dollars ($30.00) for transport between Tampa International Airport and the in-town short ride zone, unless as agreed to between the passenger and the driver
  • A flat rate may be charged that is equal to or less than the metered rate specified above.

Taxicabs may charge a passenger up to fifty dollars ($50.00) as a clean-up charge if he or she soil the interior of the taxicab with bodily fluids or solids. This charge shall be in addition to the rates prescribed above.

Taxicabs may charge a passenger a five dollar ($5.00) surcharge, in addition to the metered or flat rates specified above, during times where there are major concert and entertainment events held in Hillsborough County or when they are departing from an airport or seaport facility.

Limousines shall charge a minimum rate of thirty dollars ($30.00) per hour, or portion thereof, regardless of whether such limousines are utilized on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or other contracted charter arrangement.

Handicabs shall charge a minimum rate of eighteen dollars ($18.00) for pick up and two dollars ($2.00) per miles.

Vans shall charge a minimum rate of twelve dollars ($12.00) for the first passenger in a party and five dollars ($5.00) for every additional passenger within the same party.

Rates and Zones

Airport Flat Rates

  • Only for direct, non-stop trips
  • Tampa Airport to and from In-Town Zone – $25.00
  • No Taximeter Operation for Flat Rate
  • All Other Trips From Airport – $15 Minimum

In-Town Zone

  • $4.00 Person for trips that begin and end in this zone
  • Two of more passengers – $4.00 per person Flat Rate (no taximeter)
  • One Passenger – Operator may use Taximeter or may charge the $4.00 rate

Towing & Immobilization Rates