Original Concealed Weapon License Fees

Concealed Weapon License Fee Schedule
License Type Fingerprint Processing Fee

License Fee

Service Fee Total

Concealed Weapon or Firearm - Florida Resident

$42 $55 $22 $119

Concealed Weapon or Firearm - Out of State Resident

$42 $55 $22 $119

Florida Law Enforcement Officer, Active

None $55 $22 $77

Florida Law Enforcement Officer, Retired within preceding year

None None $22 $22

Florida Law Enforcement Officer, Retired more than a year

$42 $30 $22 $94

Consular Security Official

None $300 $22 $322

Judge, Active

None None $22 $22


Checks, cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover are acceptable forms of payment. Reminder: Current and valid photo ID is required. Acceptable forms of ID are Driver’s License, State Identification Card, Passport and/or Military Identification Card. Please note that there is a 2.35% convenience fee charged by our third-party payment processor, Grant Street Group, for all credit card payments.