Disabled Parking Permits

Wheelchair symbol suffix license plate

Disabled Person License Plate

imageFlorida Statutes provide for the issuance of a wheelchair symbol plate to any owner or lessee of a motor vehicle who qualifies for a disabled parking permit. A wheelchair symbol suffix license plate may be issued to a disabled person who owns or co-owns a vehicle and qualifies for a parking permit. Also, a disabled veteran (DV) who has a DV license plate and qualifies for a parking permit may be issued a DV wheelchair license plate.


Individuals who meet the medical qualifications are eligible to choose from one of three options:
- a wheelchair symbol license plate
- a disability placard
- a combination of one wheelchair plate and one placard

This qualification can be obtained by accurately completing the Application for a Disabled, Disabled Veteran or Motorcycle International Wheelchair Symbol License Plate (HSMV 83007) or contacting the Tax Collector’s office.

Vehicles with disabled parking placards or wheelchair license plates displayed may park at parking meters free of charge unless otherwise posted. Meters with posted maximum time limits are enforced after a four hour time period (FS 316.1964). The vehicle must be transporting the disabled person. The person with a disability placard may authorize designated driver to park vehicle in a wheelchair symbol parking space as long as the person designated on the “Person with a Disability Identification Card” is in the vehicle and has their ID card with them.

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