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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a business tax, where is the application?
The Hillsborough County Tax Collector's Office does not have a formal application to obtain a business tax receipt. To obtain a business tax receipt you will need: name of business, including the fictitious name registration, if applicable, copy of state or local licensure, if applicable, the nature of the business being performed, mailing address, business location address and either your social security number or your federal employer identification number. Please note that because the amount of tax due varies depending upon the nature of the business being performed, other information may be necessary such as the number of employees, the number of seats, the number of facilities or the number of machines. You may apply for a Business Tax Account using BTExpress. Please note: not all types of businesses can be paid online.
Do I need a county business tax receipt if I have a business in the City of Tampa?
Yes. If a business is located within one of the three municipalities found in Hillsborough County, then a Hillsborough County Business Tax receipt is required in addition to any business tax receipts required by those municipalities.
How do I change the mailing and place of business address?
To change the mailing and/or location addresses for a business, please submit the current paid Business Tax receipt with a formal written request including the new address information to our office. The cost to change the address(es) varies. Please contact our office at (813)635-5200 to obtain the amount due. You can also make changes to your Business Tax Receipt using BTExpress, click here for more details.
If Pinellas does not require me to have a business license, do I need one for Hillsborough if I accept a job in your county?
Hillsborough County is reciprocal with other counties throughout the state of Florida. This means that if one county does not require their businesses to obtain a business tax then Hillsborough County will not require that business to obtain a business tax.
Can I pay my business tax online?
Yes. Some Business Tax Accounts can be paid online. Click here to look up your business tax account.
I've received a renewal notice for a business tax but my business is closed, what do I do?
On the reverse side of the notice where indicated, please write the date your business closed and submit it to our office in the envelope provided or you may cancel your business tax account using BTExpress.
How do I change the name of our business on our business tax receipt?
You would submit the current paid business tax receipt to our office with a written request to change the name along with a check or money order payable to Doug Belden, Tax Collector. Please note, however, that the cost to change the name varies. Please contact our office at (813)635-5200 to obtain the amount due. You can also make changes to your Business Tax Receipt using BTExpress, click here for more details
How do I get a duplicate business tax receipt for this year?
To obtain a duplicate business tax receipt for the current year, please contact our office. There is no charge for a current year duplicate business tax receipt.
As a handyman, do I need a business tax receipt?
Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office does not issue a business tax receipt with the description of Handyman. Florida State Law requires certain construction work to be performed only by a licensed contractor. If a handyman is not a licensed contractor, he/she may only do certain non-structural tasks. While most of the work performed in this category may require a state license or locally issued competency card, there are some tasks which do not necessitate a license or competency card such as: • Pressure Washing • Small Appliance Repair • Carpet Installation • Vinyl Flooring Installation.  For more details on the requirements for construction related work, please contact the Hillsborough County Center for Development Services  and the Construction Industry Licensing Board
What is a Hazardous Waste fee?
Depending on the business type or category, the Tax Collector's office is required to charge a Hazardous Waste fee for the Environmental Protection Commission. Florida administrative Code defines waste as hazardous if it exhibits one of the four characteristics: Ignitibility, Corrosively, Reactivity, and Toxicity. Examples of hazardous waste materials include paint thinner, waste paint, waste ink, cleaning solvents, paint booth filters, dry cleaner filters, pesticides and waste anti-freeze. The goal of the Hazardous Waste Program is to protect the environment by assisting businesses with understanding and ensuring they are in compliance with hazardous waste regulations. The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) oversees Hazardous Waste on a local level and determines which businesses are assessed with a hazardous waste fee. The fee is included on the Business Tax Receipt tax notice which is sent out annually by the Tax Collector's office.
I would like to register my business tax account online, what do I need to do?
Our office now offers a convenient method to apply for a new business tax account or request changes to your account online. Click here to view the BTExpress User Guide.



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