Business Tax Services

Business Tax Receipt Changes or Modifications

Any change or modifications made in receipt status, such as a physical address change, ownership or name change must be reported to the Tax Collector’s office. Some changes can be made online using BTExpress.

Any expired business tax receipts cannot be transferred.

Name Change/Ownership Change

If you have a current Hillsborough County business tax receipt and there has been a change in the ownership, business name, or address, a transfer may be required. Any business tax receipt may be transferred to a new owner when there is a bona fide sale of the business, upon payment of a transfer fee of up to ten percent (10%) of the annual license tax, but not less than $3.00 nor more than $25.00 and presentation of the original tax receipt and evidence of the sale. If solely changing the name with no sale of business, please supply our office with verification of name change and original paid tax receipt, fees are the same as above.

Business Additions

If you have a current paid Hillsborough County business tax receipt and are adding an additional type of service or are adding additional employees, seats, machines, a supplemental tax receipt will be required. Please contact our office by mail, phone, in person or via BTExpresto advise what the addition will be, our office will then create a supplemental business tax receipt in addition to your original. Fees will be determined by category and/or quantity of addition. Future tax receipts will be consolidated to include all business categories at time of next renewal season.


Changes or Update Information

Change of Mailing Address

A change in mailing address can be made at any time during the tax receipt year at no cost. Please contact our office by mail, phone, in person or via BTExpress to request said change.

Changes during Renewal Season

All changes can be made during the renewal season without additional fees, with the exception of adding services/employees, machines, etc. as those additions may result in an increase in tax amount due. Please indicate on the renewal any changes to be made and sign the renewal, those changes will be made and your revised paid business tax receipt will be mailed accordingly.

Lost or Destroyed Business Tax Receipt

A duplicate business tax receipt may be issued at anytime, please contact our office by mail, phone, or in person. You also have the option of printing a duplicate receipt from our tax system.  Click here to look up your business tax account.