Business Tax Services

New Businesses

New businesses must obtain their Local Business Tax Receipt prior to engaging in their enterprise. The tax period is from Sept 1 to Sept 30 of the next year.  Businesses seeking new Local Business Tax Receipt between April 1st and June 30th will be issued a tax receipt at a half year rate.

The information needed to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt includes, but is not limited to the following items:

  • Business name (Proof of Fictitious Name Registration with the Dept. of state, where applicable.)
  • Mailing Address;
  • Physical Location of Business
  • Social Security or Federal ID Number
  • Type of Business
  • Supporting Licensure Documentation, if applicable.

To apply for a new Business Tax Account online visit BTExpress.


Regulated Businesses

Businesses regulated by the State of Florida or County Agencies and applying for an initial local business tax receipt will be required to submit an application and a copy of the documents provided by the state or county, as proof of compliance. 

State & Local Agency Resources
Department of Business and Professional Regulation (850-487-1395)
Child Care Facilities must be registered by Hillsborough County Dept of Childcare Licensing (813-264-3925)
Certified Contractors must be licensed by the State of Florida (850-487-1395) or have Certificate of Competency from Hillsborough County Development Services (813-272-5600).
State of Florida, Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (800-435-7352) for food outlets, auto repair, health and dance studios, telemarketers and travel agencies must provide permit, registration or exemption.
Restaurateurs and mobile food unit operators must provide a copy of approved inspection report from the Division of Hotel & Restaurants (850-487-1395)
Banks, mortgage brokers, finance companies, and stockbrokers must be registered with the State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation (850-410-9805).

This list is not all inclusive; if unsure as to whether your business has imposed state regulations, please contact our office.


All businesses must file a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return, with the Property Appraiser, (813) 272-6100 before April 1st. Personal Property Taxes are assessed against your business equipment as of January 1st, and become payable in November. Taxes become delinquent April 1st. If the Tangible Personal Property Tax is not paid, a Tax Warrant will be issued. Personal Property Taxes follow the equipment, NOT the owner. When purchasing an existing business, make sure a TAX SEARCH has been done.