Mobile Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mobile homes have a title like a car?
Florida is a titling state; therefore, all mobile homes have a title. There will be a title for each half of a double-wide mobile home.
Why do I get two bills on my mobile home every year?
Florida Statute 320 requires a current registration and decal for each half of a double-wide mobile home. Registrations and decals are renewed each December. Mobile home fees are imposed by length and change every 5 feet. Florida Statutes further state it is the responsibility of the owner to know when taxes are due and what’s owed.
I own the land on which my mobile/manufactured home is parked. Do I have to purchase a registration for my mobile/manufactured home each year?
No. Mobile/manufactured homes located on your property may qualify to be taxed as real property. Contact the Property Appraiser's office at (813) 272-6100 for an application for a real property decal. Submit the completed application and mobile home title or registration to the Tax Collector's office for the issuance of a real property decal. Real property decals do not have to be renewed annually as the mobile home & property will be assessed on your annual property tax notice.
There is a current registration decal on the mobile home I am purchasing. Do I need to buy a new one?
Yes. Decals are not transferable from owner to owner. Each new owner must purchase their own decal(s).
If I pay delinquent taxes, does that entitle me to take ownership of the mobile home?
No. If the mobile home has been abandoned, only the park can apply for the title. There are only limited circumstances that would allow an individual to take title to the mobile home.