Motor Vehicle Services

Dealerships, Titles Services and Financial Institutions

General Requirements are as follows: 
All Florida driver license or identification numbers that cannot be verified in FRVIS will be returned for a copy of the identification used to verify the applicant's identity.
All title work submitted without a Florida driver license or identification number must be accompanied by a copy of the identification used to verify the applicant's identity per DHSMV TL-01.
A copy of the identification used to verify the applicant’s identity must be clear and legible or the transaction will be returned.
If you are a courier / title service, you must provide a current copy of your Hillsborough County Business Tax Receipt each year.
If the dealer's license is revoked, cancelled or suspended, or if an unredeemed dishonored check is outstanding, transactions cannot be processed without prior arrangements and appropriate authorization.
A maximum of five transactions per courier/dealership/title service may be processed per day through any combination of the Express Wait-On or Express Drop-Off services (except Towing & Storage/Labor & Storage or Warehouseman’s Lien).
Letters of Authorization should be addressed to Hillsborough County Tax Collector, submitted on letterhead (dated and signed) at least once a year upon dealer license renewal or business tax renewal. These letters indicate an agent(s) and the authority to act for the dealership (fast title authorization, etc.) and should be updated anytime your designee(s) change. 
Affidavits submitted for corrections involving dealer error must be on dealership letterhead. (Letterhead consists of Dealership/company name, address and phone/fax number or other contact information.  Affidavits should include the date and name and title of the signer.)