Motor Vehicle Services

Calculating Sales Tax 

Florida sales and use tax in the amount of 6% is collected on the purchase price, less trade in, on all vehicle transfers of ownership.  In addition, some counties charge a local discretionary sales surtax.  Hillsborough County residents currently pay a 2.5% discretionary sales surtax on the first $5,000 of taxable value.

Example:  Purchase Price $10,000
How to Calculate Florida State Sales Tax:    
Taxable Value                                 $10,000.00 
                  6%                                          x  .06
Total Sales Tax                                   $600.00 
How to Calculate Hillsborough County Discretionary Tax:     
 Discretionary Taxable Value:      $5,000.00 
                                          2.5%        x  .025
Total Discretionary Tax                 $125.00 
How to Calculate Total Tax:    
Sales Tax                                          $600.00
Discretionary Tax                           + $125.00
Total Tax Due                                   $725.00