Real Estate Tax

Installment Payment Plan

The installment payment plan allows taxpayers to pay their real estate property taxes in four installments throughout the year. Participants in the installment plan receive discounts on their total tax bill.


  • Must apply before May 1st of the tax year for which application is being made.
  • Estimated taxes due must be more than $100 per tax notice.

Application Requirements:

The Installment Payment Plan Application is made available each year as of November 1. The form must then be completed and submitted to the Tax Collector's office on or before the last day of April of the tax year. (Example: For 2016 taxes, applications must be received by April 30, 2016.)

Important Note:  Once enrolled and the first installment payment is made, you do not have to reapply every year, as long as the first installment payment is made every year.

Payment Schedule

1st Payment – June 30
One quarter of previous year’s gross tax discounted 6%.
2nd Payment – September 30
One quarter of previous year’s gross tax discounted 4.5%.


3rd Payment – December 31

One quarter of the current year’s adjusted tax amount discounted 3%.


4th Payment – March 31

One quarter of the current year’s adjusted tax amount, no discount.



Important Information for Installment Payment Plan Customers: 

  • If the first payment in June is not made on time, the taxpayer has the option to make the first quarterly payment by July 31. However, in this case, the taxpayer loses the discount and must pay an extra 5% penalty.

  • Taxpayers who do not make the first installment payment by July 31 will be returned to an annual payment status, and future participation will require reapplication.

  • If the second or third payment is not made on time, the overdue amount is added to the next installment payment. However, missed installment payments result in the loss of the appropriate discount. Any amount remaining unpaid on April 1 is subject to all provisions of law pertaining to delinquent taxes.

  • Taxpayers cannot participate in the installment plan after receiving their tax notice in November. For example, after receiving your current year's tax notice, you cannot sign up for the installment plan for that year's taxes. You would have had to sign up by April 30 and then begin making installment payments in June.

  • Once the first payment has been made, the taxpayer will continue to receive quarterly tax notices, which are due upon receipt.

Florida Law requires that your estimated taxes must be more than $100.00 per tax notice in order to participate in the Installment Payment Plan. If your estimated taxes are $100.00 or less, you do not qualify for this plan. Once you have elected to participate in the installment payment plan by timely paying the first payment you are required to continue participation for the tax year. If you elect to discontinue participation, you will not be entitled to receive the discounts provided by law. Installment payments that become delinquent shall be paid with the next installment payment. Discounts will not be allowed on delinquent payments.