Real Estate Tax

Tax Deed Application Process

The holder of a tax certificate may apply for a tax deed after 2 years have elapsed from the date of delinquency. Prior to applying for tax deed foreclosure, it may be advisable to check for any existing liens on the property. Florida Statute 197.522 , provides that unsatisfied Governmental Liens shall survive the issuance of a tax deed.

The statute of limitation is seven (7) years on all tax certificates.

To apply for a tax deed, the certificate holder must redeem (pay off) all other outstanding tax certificates, pay any other outstanding taxes and fees on the property, and pay for application fees and a title search fee. Fee amounts vary by county. The total amount paid for the tax deed application then accrues interest at 18% per year until the property owner redeems the tax deed or it goes to sale.

How to apply for Tax Deeds: 

  1. Register for a DeedExpress Account.  If you already have an account for purchasing county-held certificates via LienExpress, you may log in to DeedExpress with the same account information.
  2. Submit your certificate bidder number and corresponding FEIN information to retrieve a list of certificates held by that bidder number in each county. You may add any number of additional bidder numbers to your account.
  3. Review your list of certificates and select those to submit for deed application by adding them to the DeedExpress "shopping cart". 
  4. Submit payment for the deed applications. 

At a later date, the Clerk of the Circuit Court will advise the applicant of the sale date and additional costs, which the applicant must pay. These costs include the advertising cost, mailing costs, and the Sheriff's fees. The tax deed foreclosure process can take months to complete due to statutory requirements governing tax deed sales  The property will be sold to the highest bidder at a public sale in the Hillsborough County Courthouse auditorium located on the second floor.


If a property does not sell, the tax certificate holder is required to take deed to the property.  If the property is not saleable, the certificate holder loses the entire tax certificate investment. Buyer Beware.