Tangible Property Tax



Tangible Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tangible tax?
Tangible Personal Property Tax is an ad valorem assessment against the furniture, fixtures, and equipment located in businesses. It also applies to structural additions to mobile homes not taxed as real property. The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting tangible personal property tax. Changes (e.g., name, address, location, and assessed value) to the tax roll are processed through the Property Appraiser's office.
Why does it show I have a penalty on my tangible taxes?
The deadline for filing the Tangible Return with the Property Appraiser's office is April 1. After April 1, Florida Statutes provide that late penalties be applied at 5% per month, but not to exceed 25%. A 15% penalty is required for unreported property and a 25% penalty is required if no return is filed. Please contact the Property Appraiser's office for questions about the filing penalty at 813-272-6100 or visit their website at
When are tangible taxes due?
Tangible assessments are as of January 1 of the current calendar year and are due November 1 or as soon as the Property Appraiser certifies the tax roll to the Tax Collector. According to Florida Statute 197.122, all property owners have the responsibility to know the amount of tax due and to pay the taxes before April 1 of the following year.
Where can I get more information about Tangible Personal Property tax?
More detailed information regarding Tangible Personal Property Taxes can be obtained via the Florida Department of Revenue's website and the Hillsborough County Propery Appraiser's office website.