Public Vehicle Driver License

A Public Vehicle Driver License (PVDL) authorizes driver to operate a vehicle for hire or taxicab in Hillsborough County. PVDL are issued by the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office and a valid for 12 months.

PVDL Qualifications & Requirements

Click here to reference Section 10 of Hillsborough County Ordinance 17-22

PVDL Application

To apply for a PVDL you will need the following:

  • Complete the Application for a Public Vehicle Driver’s License
    • Be sure to answer all questions
    • Application must be signed and notarized
  • Present application in person to HCTC located at 2814 E. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL 33610
  • Present original social security card and valid Florida Driver License. *Non-U.S. Citizen must bring appropriate documentation of U.S. residency or citizenship
  • Present signed Acknowledgement of Ordinance 17-22; Exhibit A. (included in application packet)
  • Present signed Compliance Affidavit (included in application packet)
  • Pay the $65.00 application fee at the time of application

ALL Handicab Operators/Drivers must complete and submit proof of certifications for the following within 30 days of obtaining a PVDL:

  • Certified standard first aid course
  • State certified standard CPR training course
  • Defensive driving course

Important: All drivers issued PVDL’s to operate a handicab must maintain the required certifications listed above and must provide evidence or proof each year upon renewal.

After PVDL Application Has Been Submitted:

  • Take transmittal form (given by the HCTC representative) to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office I.D. Section (2306 N. Falkenburg Road, Brandon, FL). The Sheriff's office will take your photo and fingerprints at no additional fee
  • Call our office at (813)635-5253 within four to five business days from the day your fingerprints are taken. Once approved, you will be directed to pick up your PVDL badge at the Hillsborough County Tax Collectors Office located at 2814 E. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33610

PVDL Renewals

All Vehicle for Hire Drivers must renew their PVDL annually.

To renew, you must submit an application for renewal along with your application fee. Click here for the application

PVDL Address Changes

Drivers must notify the Hillsborough County Tax Collector (HCTC) when your personal address changes. Click here for more information

Lost or Stolen PVDL

If your PVDL is lost or stolen, please visit our East Tampa office to retrieve a new one. You will need to bring proof of identification (i.e. your current driver license). The fee for a replacement PVDL is $35.00.