Passenger Rates


$30.00 per hour - minimum rate per hour, regardless of whether such limousines are utilized on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or other contracted charter arrangement.



$18.00 - minimum rate for pick up and $2.00 per mile . 



$12.00 - minimum rate for the first passenger in a party and $5.00 for every additional passenger within the same party. 



Taxicabs shall charge no more than the following for metered rates:

$3.50 - for the first mile or portion thereof
$2.50 - for each additional mile or portion thereof
$0.40 - for each additional minute of waiting time.

$15.00 minimum applies when the passenger(s) departs Tampa International Airport. The actual taximeter rate shall be the total rate once the taximeter exceeds the stated $15.00 minimum

To file a complaint, please contact Hillsborough County Department of Consumer and Veterans Services at (813) 635-8316 or you may visit their website to complete a complaint form. 

Taxicabs have the option of charging either the metered rate as established above or a flat rate as specified below.

Airport Flat Rates 

In-Town Zone

  • Only for direct, non-stop trips
  • $4.00 per person for trips that begin and end in this zone
    One Passenger - Operator may use Taximeter or may charge flat rate.
  • Tampa Airport to and from In-Town Zone - $25.00
  • $4.00 per person Flat Rate
    Two of more passengers (no taximeter)  with a maximum of $12 regardless of number of passengers. Children 12 years of age or older are charged as adults.
  • No Taximeter Operation for Flat Rate
  • $30.00 maximum for transport between Tampa International and in-town short ride zone.
  • All Other Trips From Airport - $15 Minimum

  • $50 Clean up charge may be added to fair if deemed appropriate.. This charge is in addtion to the metered or flat rates.
  • $5.00  surcharge may be added to rates  during major events.