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Hazardous Waste Fees

What is a Hazardous Waste Fee?

Depending on the business type or category, the Tax Collector’s office is required to charge a Hazardous Waste fee for the Environmental Protection Commission.

Florida administrative Code defines waste as hazardous if it exhibits one of the four characteristics: Ignitiblity, Corrosivity, Reactivity, and Toxicity. Examples of hazardous waste materials include paint thinner, waste paint, waste ink, cleaning solvents, paint booth filters, dry cleaner filters, pesticides and waste antifreeze.

The goal of the Hazardous Waste Program is to protect the environment by assisting businesses with understanding and ensuring they are in compliance with hazardous waste regulations.

The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) oversees Hazardous Waste on a local level and determines which businesses are assessed with a hazardous waste fee. The fee is included on the Business Tax Receipt tax notice which is sent out annually by the Tax Collector’s office.