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Real Estate Tax

County Held Tax Certificates

County held certificates may be purchased after the tax certificate sale, prior to redemption or execution of a tax deed. The cost to purchase a county held certificate is the face value of the certificate, accrued interest, and a $6.25 processing fee.

Certificates on properties with homestead exemption and taxes less than $250.00 may not be purchased from the county until the face value of the certificate plus the accrued interest exceed $250.00.

Certain risks are involved when purchasing tax certificates. The Tax Collector assumes no liability for the purchase of any tax certificate and does not guarantee the value or condition of the property on which taxes are a lien. Holding a tax certificate on a parcel does not entitle the purchaser to enter the property. All sales are final.

Interested parties wanting to purchase County Held Certificates must be a registered buyer. To register, please visit our tax auction site at 

To purchase county held certificates online. Click here for more information.