Real Estate Tax

Hillsborough County Tax Certificate Sale Summary

Certificate Offered(1)16,55415,59315,242
Face Amount Offered(2)$58,867,951.99$46,835,543.68$43,388,671.89
Certificates Sold16,39015,47615,066
Face Amount Sold$58,836,758.00$46,808,302.79$43,256,164.68
Certificates Struck(3)164117176
Face Amount Struck$31,193.99$27,240.89$132,507.21
Winning Bidders118138101
Average Rate1.590.400.59
Weighted Average Rate0.870.270.31
Certificates at 0%162810
Certificates at 18%16339
Certificates at 0.25%12,99115,24014,587
Face at 0.25%$52,106,831.12$46,685,049.07$43,012,576.07
At 0%0N/AN/A
At 0.25%11,26615,14414,283
Up to 10%70615
10 - 18%418
At 18%0N/AN/A


  1. Certificates actually offered – i.e. advertised and not removed prior to sale.
  2. Total face value of certificates offered at auction.
  3. Certificates offered but not sold. Certificates struck to the county prior to sale not included.