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Title & Tag Services

Single Transactions

A representative may process single transactions through the public customer windows at any time during normal business hours. The representative must request a new queue ticket after each single transaction is completed. He/She must sign-in the dealer logbook, ask for a title queuing ticket and wait until called to the public customer window.

The representative may repeat this process an unlimited number of times. However, all previous transactions must be completed and cashiered prior to re-signing into the dealer logbook and taking a new Q-Matic ticket. Tickets will be issued until 5:00pm.

If transactions are also being processed utilizing the express wait-on service, the representative is required to first wait at the dealer window until all of the express transactions are completed and cashiered before processing through the public customer queue.

Additional guidelines are as follows:

  • All work must be complete and ready to process when brought into the office.
  • If the dealer’s license is revoked, cancelled or suspended, or if an unredeemed dishonored check is outstanding, transactions cannot be processed without prior arrangements and appropriate authorization.
  • All title work submitted without a Florida driver license or identification number must be accompanied by a copy of the identification used to verify the applicant’s identity. (DHSMV_TL-01).
  • All Florida driver license or identification numbers that cannot be verified in FRVIS will be returned for a copy of the identification used to verify the applicant’s identity.
  • Dealers must provide their state assigned PIN with each group of transactions as our office is not authorized to keep this information on file.
  • Two renewals will count as one transaction.
  • Temporary plates will count as one transaction.
  • In most cases, towing & storage companies will be directed to use the dealer window to have their transactions processed. At the discretion of management, towing & storage transactions may require standard drop-off service.

Management reserves the right to make exceptions to these guidelines.