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Trust Account

A trust account is a convenient method of payment for motor vehicle transactions. The trust account operates like a traditional checking account. Funds are deposited into the account and motor vehicle fees are deducted as transactions are processed at the Tax Collector’s office. Establishing a trust account eliminates the need for couriers to have a check or cash on hand.

To open a trust account, please submit the completed application via email to: Holding Account Balance Requests: holdingaccounts@hillstax.org.  Statements showing your account activity and balance are emailed upon request.

To close a trust account, submit a request on your company letterhead signed by an authorized representative. The request must include the representative’s printed name and contact information. A check for the remaining balance will be mailed to the address indicated on the account unless an address correction is included with your request.
For questions regarding an trust account, contact Darlene Coleman at (813) 635-5212.