Estimated Wait Times

Estimated wait times may change between the time you access this information and visit an office. Actual wait times for titles and driver license services are typically longer than other services. Please see wait times and locations below.

All Hillsborough County Tax Collector branch offices will open at 9 am on Wednesday mornings.
*Please note: N/A means the service is not available at the specified branch location. 

Last Updated:

4:41 pm

Location Registration Title Property Tax Driver License & ID’s Road Test
Downtown (Main) 00 mins 13 mins No Wait CLOSED N/A
Brandon 27 mins 23 mins No Wait CLOSED CLOSED
Drew Park No Wait 28 mins No Wait CLOSED N/A
East Tampa N/A N/A N/A 01 hrs 36 mins No Wait
North Tampa 01 hrs 22 mins 01 hrs 16 mins 25 mins CLOSED N/A
Plant City No Wait No Wait No Wait CLOSED CLOSED
Southshore 41 mins 56 mins No Wait CLOSED N/A