Welcome to Hillsborough County!

As your Tax Collector, it is my honor to welcome you to Hillsborough County.

Our office is the first point of contact for new residents in the county! For that reason, we’ve made it easy for new residents to access the information and resources they need from the Tax Collector’s office to live, work, and play in Hillsborough County.

You will find information below on a wide variety of services you may need as a new resident in the county – from getting a Florida driver license to registering your vehicles and even registering to vote – we’ve got you covered!

We also have information for military service members and families linked below, including everything needed for a permanent or temporary relocation to Hillsborough County as well as military discounts and exemptions for service members.

I hope you find this information helpful. Once again, I welcome you to Hillsborough County and hope you have an excellent experience with our office.

If you need any further assistance as you transition to Hillsborough County, feel free to email us at newresident@hillstax.org. Please do not email photos or copies of your personal documents which may contain confidential information.

Nancy C. Millan
Hillsborough County Tax Collector