New Residents

Welcome to Hillsborough County

As your Tax Collector, it is my honor to welcome you to Hillsborough County.

Our office is the first point of contact for new residents in the county and for that reason we have created our New Resident Guide to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Please review the information on this page, our helpful how-to videos, and the printable guides also linked in resources. We have provided these in both English and Spanish and will be translating to additional languages in the future.

Once again, we welcome you to Hillsborough County and hope you have an excellent experience with our office.

Nancy C. Millan
Hillsborough County Tax Collector

Resident Classification


Am I an Immigrant?

An immigrant is a foreign national who intends to live and work permanently in the United States.

Here are some of the most common categories for immigrants:

1. Permanent Resident

2. Asylee

3. Refugee

Click here to see all the requirements

Non Immigrant

Am I a Non Immigrant?

Nonimmigrant is a foreign national seeking to enter the United States on a temporary basis for tourism, business, medical treatment, temporary work, among other reasons.

Here are some of the most common categories for non immigrants:

1. Parole

2. Work Permit

3. U Visa

4. Temporary Protected Status

5. Pending Political Asylum

Click here to see all the requirements

Don't know your Classification?

Contact us for clarification

If you are not sure which is your classification, send us an email to:

Note: Please do not send photos or copies of your personal documents. Your documents contain confidential information.