Hunting Licenses

Hunting License Proof of Residency

Any one of the following may be used as primary proof of residency:

  • Florida Driver License or ID Card
  • Military orders showing that applicant is stationed in Florida


Alternate proof of residency may be used only if a resident does not have a Florida Driver License or ID Card.
Any one of the following may be used as alternate proof of residency:

  • Florida Voter’s Registration Card
  • Declaration Domicile (obtained from Clerk of Circuit Court)
  • Florida Homestead Exemption
  • Student ID Card from a Florida School (if under 18 years of age)


The Oath of Residency signed by the applicant when privileges are issued does not preclude a law enforcement officer from requesting residency credentials be evidenced again. Failure to do so may result in criminal prosecutions.

Aliens who have filed domicile with the Clerk of the Circuit Court are not considered a resident. The Department of Legal Affairs no longer allows an alien to establish domicile as acceptable proof of residency. All aliens are considered non-resident.

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