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Vehicle For Hire

Vehicle For Hire Customers

Licensed Service Providers

Last updated 8/2021

Important note for Customers: Uber, Lyft, and any other ride-sharing services are not governed by the Hillsborough County Vehicle for Hire Ordinance.

Complaints: If you witness or are subjected to an unlawful practice of the Vehicle for Hire Ordinance, you may file a written complaint. Submit a complaint online here, call (813) 272-7400 or via email to [email protected]

Effective July 1, 2021, Florida Statute as amended by Senate Bill 60, requires a name and address to be provided in order to report potential violations of codes and ordinances for investigation.

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*Please note: The list of Licensed Service Providers is updated quarterly

Handicab Service Providers

CertificateCompany NamePhone Number
5115Alternative Care Group, LLC(813) 699-0955
412Americare Handicab, Inc.(813) 927-3032
5110Be Blessed Transportation LLC(813) 464-5565
10238Caba Transportation Services, LLC(888) 264-0981
10299Family Medical Group of Tampa Inc(813) 488-1414
5066Friendly Ride(813) 777-3480
5091ILOW LLC(813) 431-1145
401Lifefleet Southeast Inc. d/b/a American Medical Response(813) 885-7722
5007Medtransit LLC(321) 279-1218
5060Raymond's Healthcare Transportation Services Inc(813) 817-3551
5113Red Bus Pickup Non Emergency LLC(813) 650-6988
5078Transportation Assist LLC (305) 848-7734
10276Wheelchair Transport Service, Inc.(727) 586-2811

Van Service Providers

CertificateCompany NamePhone Number
10115Affari Transport, LLC(813) 448-4703
202Alpha Limousine & Chauffeur Ser Inc(347) 806-3178
5117Blessed Ride, LLC(813) 412-0679
303Blue One, Inc.(813) 282-7351
276Embassy Limousine & Sedan Service, Inc(727) 638-3867
5089Empire Caring Transit Corp(215) 309-1624
10155Highland Express Shuttle(919) 231-3080
5014Jaunt Services Inc.(727) 709-0939
5004 Kert, LLC(732) 546-6819
10116Kingdom Transportation Services, LLC(813) 433-3745
212Limosouth, Inc./Carey Limousine of Tampa Bay(813) 228-7927
5007 Medtransit LLC(321) 279-1218
5118Mosaic Transportation LLC(813) 789-2702
5111N&R Riches LLC(786) 237-1929
5022Network Transportation Solutions(727) 784-5466
270Olympus Limo, Inc(727) 842-3522
5012Red Bus Pick Up, LLC(813) 650-6988
5058Safe Kids Transportation LLC(813) 239-6019
5116Samy GY Transportation LLC(201) 705-0261
10326Showtime Transportation of Tampa, Inc(844) 377-7479
5092St George Transport LLC(727) 278-1850
5075Transafe Transportation Inc DBA Premier Airport Transportation(813) 314-0000
10205Transcare Medical Transportation Service(813) 964-1964
3001Veteran Limousine Services, LLC(813) 264-6666

Taxicab Service Providers

CertificateCompany NamePhone Number
122Abbay Taxi, LLC(813) 269-2227
132Addis Car Service(813) 289-6000
10183American Victory Cabs Inc DBA Eagle Cab Company Inc
5050Amina Taxicab Company(813) 453-6057
10219Awash(813) 389-5611
10298Call-B-4 DUI Transportation, Inc.(813) 325-0361
5057Clotaire International Production and Sport LLC(813) 770-0245
10215G & Y Transportation (813) 770-5556
102Gulf Coast Transportation Inc DBA United Cab/United Taxi (813) 777-7777
10192Hyde Park Taxi Cab Service(813) 965-5801
1120Levinna's Car Clinic, LLC(813) 404-6480
199Metro Taxi of Tampa LLC(813) 298-9269
10191New Tampa Taxi Cab, LLC(813) 528-1438
5049Paradise Taxi (813) 898-3712
5010RP Transporter, LLC(813) 850-4649
10229South Tampa Car Service, LLC(813) 833-1808
110Transafe Transportation Inc DBA Cab Plus(813) 288-8888
2030West Coast Transportation Services (813) 917-1444
10217Westchase Taxi LLC(813) 263-2079
5009Westshore Limo and Transportation Services of Tampa Bay, LLC(813) 215-0830

Wrecker Service Providers

CertificateCompany NamePhone Number
10352813 Towing Service LLC(813) 333-8780
10323A & J Towing(813) 245-1880
797A & M Towing(813) 376-6940
10234A-1 Recovery, Inc.(727) 536-5600
747Action Towing
764Action Towing, Inc.(813) 920-7045
783Advantage Transport Corp.
10366Alfredo Towing Services LLC(813) 4141127
730Ascension Auto Service, Inc. D/B/A CTS Towing & Transport
702Automotive Towing # 2(813) 877-8845
731Automotive Towing #4(813) 877-8596
10338Autopros Towing and Recovery, LLC(813) 402-2911
10345Autopros Towing And Recovery, LLC. (813) 402-2911
606Benfield Wrecker Service, Inc. (813) 879-3331
613Castillo's Wrecker Service LLC(813) 645-4655
10242 Commtow LLC(941) 232-0019
10337Commtow LLC(800) 547-5550
10317Crocketts Towing, LLC(813) 996-7700
798Denning's Towing, Inc.(813) 968-8676
10342DTS Recovery Corp.(813) 440-1755
616E&S paint & Body Shop, Inc.(813) 237-1595
10358EL Flaco Towing LLC(727) 337-8247
759Express Towing & Recovery, Inc.(813) 643-8365
10359Ghost Towing & Recovery, Inc.(813) 408-2973
628Hoods Ent. Inc. D/B/A Hoods Towing, East
690Hooding Towing South
627Hoods Towing, North(813) 690-7954
10364JB Xtreme Towing (813) 244-0898
637Laroche Wrecker Service & Repair(813) 634-3160
728Larsen's I (813) 876-4612
727Larsen's II(813) 876-1551
10362Last Call Auto Group LLC(813) 741-3163
10340Millennium Transport & Towing, Inc.(813) 243-1088
742National Auto Collision Centers #1(813) 960-5351
792National Auto Service Centers #2(813) 963-0680
10354On Demand Towing LLC(305) 331-2216
10365Payless Towing & Transport LLC(813) 765-7545
10360Perfection Towing & Recovery(813) 368-5660
647Port Tampa Towing(813) 837-9242
648Professional Towing I(813) 242-0610
793Professional Towing, II/Robfletch, Inc.(813) 242-0610
688R.C. Towing(813) 237-2959
10296R.C. Towing and Recovery, Inc.
10346Repomax Tow Recovery Services(813) 900-9421
10348Riteway Towing, LLC(813) 621-6965
651Rosario's Automotive Services, Inc.(813) 932-1524
10367Safely Transport LLC(813) 808-1424
752Split Second Towing and Transport(813) 661-0660
10156Split Second Towing and Transport(813) 403-8822
10311Starks Towing, LLC(813) 260-5762
657Stepp's Towing Service Inc. East
650Stepp's Towing Service West Inc.(813) 876-3948
756Stepp's Towing Service, Inc. - Gibsonton
658Stepp's Towing Service, Inc. North(813) 932-1917
741Sunpoint Automotive(813) 645-7653
671Supreme Auto Center, Inc.(813) 223-4933
10250Target Recovery Towing, Inc. (727) 647-0527
604Tommy's Towing & Recovery, Inc(813) 236-7115
10363Too Late Towing & Recovery(813) 433-3768
10343Towpros Towing & Recovery, LLC. (813) 300-9285

Limousine Service Providers

CertificateCompany NamePhone Number
2078AA Towncar Service(813) 748-3265
10115Affari Transport LLC(813) 448-4703
5112Airport SUV LLC(727) 698-6770
5005Ald Limo Corp.(855) 799-5466
2139All Points Limousine, Inc(727) 367-5466
202Alpha Limousine & Chauffeur Service(727) 520-1840
5130 Angelina's Limo Service(813) 441-7736
10188BSP Transportation Inc.(727) 515-5454
10238Caba Transportation Services, LLC(888) 264-0981
10280Carillon Car Service, LLC(888) 264-0981
5086Chan-Haynes Group, LLC DBA ECAR(727) 709-5600
5122Cindy Lou's Limo Service(813) 635-5272
5126 Dee Mitchell(813) 224-9918
276Embassy Limousine & Sedan Service, Inc.(727) 638-3867
10126Enterprise Limo and Town Car Service LLC.(727) 698-7065
5105Executive Tampa Limo, LLC(813) 477-3555
5129 Garrett's Limo Service(813) 545-0046
5119 Grove Street Transportation, LLC (727) 804-0690
208Island Limousine(941) 779-0043
5098J Leslie Inc(727) 455-7687
10211Jack's Town Car, LLC(727) 455-7687
5127Jill's Limo Service(813) 412-1133
5128Jodi's Limo Service(813) 244-9347
5125Kevin Jones(813) 546-9987
212Limosouth, Inc./Carey Limousine of Tampa Bay(813) 228-7927
5123Lucy Lu's Limo Service(813) 635-5272
5006Lynx Airport Transporation(813) 786-8850
10329Mayko Transportation(813) 732-2703
5103Med-Trans, LLC(813) 525-2231
5022Network Transporation Solutions(727) 784-5466
5108Noble Limousine Tampa Bay LLC(813) 856-8342
270Olympus Limo, Inc(727) 842-3522
5124Paradise Limo Service(813) 559-8789
10326Showtime Transportation of Tampa, Inc(844) 377-7479
5070Signature Transportation Orlando DBA Select Transportation of Florida(407) 414-7463
2059Stagecoach Transportation Service (352)854-6642
5109Sweet Times Inc(813) 767-3299
5107TPC Limo LLC(727) 637-7959
5075Transafe Transportation Inc DBA Premier Airport Transportation(813) 314-0000
5114Vandm Tropical Services LLC(727) 204-9415
5067Wala Transport LLC(813) 368-3610
10185Z Town Car Service LLC(813) 404-8731