Business Tax Services

The Local Business Tax, formerly known as Occupational License, is required of any individual or entity choosing to engage in or manage any business, profession or occupation in Hillsborough County, unless specifically exempted.

Hillsborough County collects business tax under Florida Statute, Chapter 205 and Hillsborough County Ordinance 95-4 as amended by 02-5. Most businesses in Hillsborough County are required to pay a business tax. The categories for taxation are often broad and encompass many similar businesses under one heading. Some state statutes or county ordinances may require our office to see proof of compliance before issuing certain types of business tax receipts.

With BT Express you can now apply for a new Business Tax account and obtain your Hillsborough County Business Tax receipt or request a change to your existing Business Tax account.

Changes made to a business tax receipt status, such as an address, ownership, or name change must be reported to the tax collector’s office. A nominal fee will be charged. You can use BT Express to request a change to your existing business tax account.

All business tax receipts expire September 30th of each year and can be renewed on or after July 1. Taxes for new businesses can be paid at any time during the year and are prorated beginning April 1, at which time a half-year fee applies.   On October 1, business tax receipts are delinquent and subject to penalties each month thereafter, with a maximum of 25 percent.

If you receive a renewal notice and are no longer in business or your business is no longer located in Hillsborough County, please indicate that information on the renewal notice, then sign and return the renewal notice in the envelope provided or you may cancel your business tax receipt using BT Express.