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Title & Tag Services

Express Drop-Off Transactions

All general guidelines must be met.   Representatives may drop-off up to five transactions and pick them up the same day. The dealer express service closes for drop-offs at 10:00am and reopens for pickups at 4:00pm daily.

Additional guidelines are as follows:

  • Title transactions dropped off for processing must be contained in a folder or envelope, with your trust account number or a check made payable to Doug Belden, Tax Collector. One check per five transactions required.
  • Clearly mark your documents with any special requests such as purchase plate (3 months), purchase plate (15 months), transfer only, transfer and renewal (one year or two), title only, or if Fast Title is being requested. Include proof of insurance and a copy of the registration if transferring a plate.
  • All work must be complete and ready to process when brought into the office.
  • If the dealer’s license is revoked, cancelled or suspended, or if an unredeemed dishonored check is outstanding, transactions cannot be processed without prior arrangements and appropriate authorization.
  • All title work submitted without a Florida driver license or identification number must be accompanied by a copy of the identification used to verify the applicant’s identity (DHSMV_TL-01).
  • All Florida driver license or identification numbers that cannot be verified in FRVIS will be returned for a copy of the identification used to verify the applicant’s identity.
  • Dealers must provide their state assigned PIN with each group of transactions as our office is not authorized to keep this information on file.
  • Five renewals will count as one transaction.
  • Temporary plates count as one transaction.
  • At the discretion of management, towing & storage transactions may require standard drop-off service
  • Please include a Drop-Off Cover Sheet with all drop work

Management reserves the right to make exceptions to these guidelines.