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Title & Tag Services

Personalized License Plates

Personalized license plates may be ordered and/or renewed at our office. The initial plate can be applied for at any time; however, the vehicle must have a current registration at the time of application.

The $15.00 annual personalized plate fee plus a tag replacement fee as well as any specialty tag fee (if applicable) is required for the initial order. Please allow at least 60 days for processing.

Each year, the $15.00 annual personalized plate fee as well as any specialty tag fee (if applicable) is added to the license plate renewal fee.

The personalized plate application is available online.

When choosing to personalize your license plate remember that regular graphic license plates may include letters, numbers, a space, or hyphens as characters. License plates that have 7 characters may have an additional space or hyphen. However, license plates that have 5 characters may NOT have an additional space or hyphen. Left graphic specialty plates can have up to 5 while 6 characters are allowed for motorcycle plates. Your selection will NOT automatically be centered so utilize spaces accordingly.

Check availability of your proposed configuration here