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Replacement Plate and/or Decal

When a license plate, mobile home decal, or validation decal has been lost, stolen or destroyed, the owner of the motor vehicle or mobile home for which the license plate or decal was issued shall make application to the department for a replacement. If the applicant has signed the application certifying that the stolen item was reported to a law enforcement agency, the police report is required along with the application. If the license plate or decal was not reported stolen, the applicant is required to pay a replacement fee.

Only the registered owner of the vehicle can apply for a replacement plate and/or decal by providing the license plate number, driver license number, decal number, or the vehicle identification number. Personal identification in the form of a U.S. Driver License or U.S. Identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a passport or a Canadian Driver License or Identification card is required.

Applications for replacement plates and/or decals are available online or can be requested by emailing tags@hillstax.org your name and mailing address. For replacement fee information, please contact our office.