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Specialty License Plates

The State of Florida offers various specialty license plates, which are designed to honor or benefit a specific organization.

Specialty license plate annual fees range from $15-$25. The basic costs for purchasing a specialty license plate may include the following:

  • Initial specialty license plate issuance fee
  • Registration fee
  • Processing fee

No other specific qualifications must be met for the applicant, with the exception of the U.S. Paratrooper license plate.

Purchase a specialty license plate and renew your registration at the same time!

Please note: Your vehicle registration must be valid to purchase a specialty plate. If you are within your renewal period (3 months prior to the expiration date), please renew your registration before placing the specialty plate order.

If you currently have a two-year registration or more than 13 months remaining until expiration, you are not eligible for the online specialty plate order.