Title & Tag Services

Duplicate Title Application

Only the registered owner or lien holder on record may apply for a duplicate Florida title. The fee is $75.75.  The title certificate can be issued onsite for an additional $10 or may be issued centrally from DHSMV for an additional $2.50 mail fee.

An Authorization/Release Affidavit or Power of Attorney is required by all third party recipients. The owner of record and the third party must submit a copy of their identification with the application.
If there is an outstanding lien, only the lien holder can apply for a duplicate title. If the lien has been satisfied but still shows on our database, a lien satisfaction form must be submitted with the duplicate application.

The Application for Duplicate Florida Title may be submitted to any tax collector’s office. In order to process the transaction, the applicant must present personal identification in the form of a valid state-issued driver license or ID, a passport or Canadian driver license or identification card. If you have recently moved, proof of your new address must be submitted at time of application. Acceptable proof is shown on the back of the application form.

If your vehicle is titled in another state, you must apply for the duplicate title through the motor vehicle division of that state.

The Application for Duplicate Florida Title is available online or you can request to have one mailed to you by sending an email with your complete name and mailing address to tags@hillstax.org.